Noise in the City

Today I received an email from a constituent about noise ordinances. Here’s her question and the information I gathered from an MPD Officer.

Question: What the noise ordinances in DC? I have recently noticed a huge increase in noise on U St in particular from three wheeled and other such vehicles. The noise seems to peak on weekend nights, starting on Fridays. There are large groups of vehicles riding together, making the noise that much louder.

Answer: I talked with an officer at the Third District of the MPD. They told me that during the day noise is regulated through DCRA (Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs). At night the MPD regulate noise. The officer I spoke with is aware of the three-wheeled vehicles and the noise they make. However, there are also rules against chasing moving vehicles. So this is a difficult situation to monitor and enforce. And most of these vehicles are on the street legally (they have registered their vehicles, etc.).

If you want to report the noise from the vehicles when it is happening you can call 911 directly and they can  take a report and dispatch officers to a location. During the daytime you can call 311 to make a request (ask for a Service Request Number) and they can also transfer you to DCRA for daytime enforcement.

More information about noise ordinances may be found: